Web3 Security

One pillar of web3 security is Transparency. Blockchains are coveted targets for hackers. Blockchains provide a decentralized ledger, which makes them vulnerable targets for attackers. But users have complete control over their data and identities. Smart contracts enforce predefined rules. In addition, web3 logistics is easy to use and setup once. But users should take … Read more

Identity theft protection

Identity theft insurance can help you replace your lost wages. It can also cover notary fees for verifying signatures on paperwork. You may want to send documents by certified mail or return the receipt requested to avoid getting your identity stolen. If you lose your phone, identity theft insurance will cover the costs. You can … Read more

NFT security

There are many ways to improve NFT security, including distributing crypt assets and enabling two-factor authentication. Other security features to look for include additional security settings and the ability to check the website address of the platform. In addition to these basic measures, users should also pay close attention to the website’s URL, and take … Read more

Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms

What are CNAPPs, and how do they protect enterprise applications? What solutions are available? And which ones are the best? Here are some answers. Read on to discover what the right cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) is for you. And don’t forget to check out our other articles for additional information on CNAPPs. Hopefully, … Read more

VoIP Security

VoIP security is important for businesses, because VoIP is more vulnerable to phreaking attacks and other types of cyber attacks than traditional phone lines. While traditional phone lines are at risk of DoS attacks, VoIP servers are often unable to withstand such threats. By following a few basic security practices, your VoIP system can be … Read more

Advanced Endpoint Security

What Does Advanced Endpoint Security Do? In a world of rising cybercrime spending, advanced endpoint security is an essential part of cybersecurity. Coupled with next-generation firewalls and good perimeter security, advanced endpoint security is the next evolution of cybersecurity. And, in the long run, it will help improve breach management and reduce costs. But what … Read more

Cloud Based Server Backup

Cloud based server backup is an industry best practice that offers flexibility, cost savings, and security. Unlike traditional backup solutions, which require you to store and maintain backup tapes or disks, cloud based server backup is fully automated. Instead of managing backups yourself, you simply set up backup schedules and select the files that need … Read more

Linux Security Monitoring

While malware targeting Linux systems is not new, the number of cases has increased considerably over the last several years, and this trend seems to be continuing as botnets spread. Despite the increasing numbers, a significant portion of malware displays a similar behavior when installed. Understanding this behavior allows for detection and removal. Most initial … Read more