Advanced Endpoint Security

What Does Advanced Endpoint Security Do? In a world of rising cybercrime spending, advanced endpoint security is an essential part of cybersecurity. Coupled with next-generation firewalls and good perimeter security, advanced endpoint security is the next evolution of cybersecurity. And, in the long run, it will help improve breach management and reduce costs. But what … Read more

XDR Security Meaning – Everything You Need To Know

XDR Security Meaning – Everything You Need To Know XDR security meaning will be discussed in detail in this article. XDR Security is designed to help security teams: Identify sophisticated or hidden threats Track threats across multiple system components Improve detection and response speed Investigate threats more effectively and efficiently What is XDR Security? XDR … Read more

What is endpoint detection and response (EDR)?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) platforms are a type of endpoint security technology that is used to identify and respond to cyber threats and exploits. They are designed to offer endpoint visibility. Both traditional antivirus (AV) and Next-Generation Antivirus (NGA) are provided by Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) (NGAV). Modern attack tactics can get beyond traditional … Read more

MDR in cyber security

Managed Detection & Response, MDR in cyber security the new frontiers. With the expression Managed Detection & Response (MDR), we refer to those outsourced IT security services designed as ad hoc to enhance companies’ defense strategies, supporting them in identifying and containing threats to private data and resources before it gets out of hands. The … Read more

Ransomware: what it is and how it works?

Ransomware (an acronym of the words ransom and software) is a type of malware that hijacks information to extort money from the victims after compromising a computer. Thus, requesting the payment of a sum of cryptocurrencies to recover the data. Below, you will get to know everything about this computer threat that in recent times … Read more

XDR solutions: a new opportunity to stop cyber threats

The rising number of cyber threats has made many companies reconsider how to manage their security strategies. XDR solutions, which stands for Extended Security Detection and Response, is now the key answer to what many companies have been hoping for. In the last couple of months, many organizations have experienced various cyberattacks resulting from digital … Read more

Understanding XDR vs EDR

Understanding XDR vs EDR in cybersecurity. With the current rise in home and remote working practices, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, cybersecurity has become a major concern for every individual and organization. A large number of cyberattacks occurs at the endpoint. Such attacks begin on a single machine and then spread across the … Read more