Bad Rabbit Ransomware – The Fearsome Cyber Threat

Bad Rabbit Ransomware is spread through “spam attacks” that compromise unsafe websites. “While the target is visiting a legitimate website, a malware dropper is downloaded from the attacker’s infrastructure,” according to an analysis by Kaspersky Labs. In this case, the malware is disguised as an Adobe Flash installer. When the innocent-looking file is opened, it … Read more

5 Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Example and Countermeasures

According to the Cloud Adoption Practices & Priorities Survey Report, advanced persistent threat prevention is viewed as one of the top security concerns confronting their business by 53% of IT professionals. According to the Ponemon Institute, just 68 percent of IT managers understand what an advanced persistent threat is. You can’t defeat an opponent if … Read more

What are Threat Detection and Response Solutions?

What are Threat Detection Response Solutions –  do they help to improve IT security? If cyber security is your concern or you are looking for ways to get more proactive with your company’s constant security threats, this guide will help you understand why Threat Detection and Response solution is the answer to the ever-evolving world … Read more

XDR solutions: a new opportunity to stop cyber threats

The rising number of cyber threats has made many companies reconsider how to manage their security strategies. XDR solutions, which stands for Extended Security Detection and Response, is now the key answer to what many companies have been hoping for. In the last couple of months, many organizations have experienced various cyberattacks resulting from digital … Read more

Different Types of Cyber IT Security Threats and How to Mitigate Them

Cyber IT security threats and how to mitigate them. Cyber security specialists are always defending computer systems against a variety of IT security attacks. It is a fact of life that every day, organizations and private systems are subjected to cyberattacks, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated with time. In the words of former Cisco CEO … Read more