Print Spooler Vulnerability

Print Spooler Vulnerability – The Quick Explanatory Guide If you want to know more about Print Spooler Vulnerability, then read on our quick guide to get informed. Vulnerability, in simple terms, is defined as the weakness of a computer that cyber criminals exploit for the purpose of gaining unauthorized access to a specific computer system. … Read more

The Log4j Vulnerability

Log4j Vulnerability: What is it and What is its Impact? Log4Shell is mainly a vulnerability which is affecting hundreds of thousands of computers while involving an obscure software named log4j. This software is capable of recording all kinds of activities going on under the supervision of a number of computer systems. There had been thousands … Read more

Vulnerability Management System: what is it and how to implement it?

Let’s talk about what is a vulnerability management system from a cyber security perspective and dive into implementation on one. The increase in the number of cyberattacks in the corporate environment is shocking. According to research by BBC News a week ago, over two hundred US business organizations who used a Florida-based IT company’s software … Read more