Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform

Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform – The Best Tools To Safeguard Your Data

Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform
Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform | Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Open Source Threat Intelligence is used widely all over the world as far as threat intelligence subtypes are concerned. One of the main reasons is that it is free of cost. So, nobody says no to it. Open Source Threat Intelligence is also misused just like geospatial intelligence, human intelligence and signals intelligence. Let’s take a look at what Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform actually is, how we can use it and what tools will help us in analyzing it.

What is Open Source Threat Intelligence?

If we talk about U.S Public Law, it says that:

One can produce Open Source Intelligence merely by the help of publicly available information. It is then analyzed to let the audience know about any security risk. Also, Open Source Threat Intelligence has specific requirements which need to be fulfilled in order for it to work.

The terminology Open Source is an indication that the information used here is available for all. If you need a specific skill, technique or tool to access a piece of information, we won’t call that open source. Basically, Open Source Intelligence isn’t all about what you find on famous and top search engines. Google and other such sources also contain bulk of open source information.

We may also call an information open source if:

  • It is broadcast for common people on a news channel or any such source.
  • It is available for common people by any means.
  • Any observer can describe that.

So, there is plenty of information available for common people and that will be called as Open Source Information.

How one can Use Open Source Threat Intelligence?

Since we’ve taken a look at what Open Source Threat Intelligence is what does an Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform means. Now, we need to see how one can use this platform. Basically, there are two main uses of Open Source Threat Intelligence.

  • Ethical Hacking along with Penetration Testing

Identifying any kind of weakness in different networks using Open Source Threat Intelligence is what all the security professionals do. The reason is that they want the organization’s data to stay secured even if there is an attack. The weaknesses usually found in the data include:

  • Accidentally leaked information through any social media platform
  • Unsecured internet connecting devices
  • Websites using the same old versions of products
  • Any other exposed asset of the organization

Identification of External Threats

Internet is the main source of happiness and sorrow for any organization. They can secure their data with the help of it but they can lose their data also over it. You can identify a new vulnerability that is about to be exploited and you can get to know about the upcoming attack also, all because of Open Source Threat Intelligence Platform.

One of the most interesting facts about Open Source Threat Intelligence is that it is not used alone, rather the security professionals use it after combining it with another subtype such as signals intelligence. There are a number of tools also which can help you in this regard. Let’s take a look at them also.

Open Source Threat Intelligence Tools

In order for the processing of Open Source Threat Intelligence, a few tools are required. There are many useful tools that are available to security professionals free of cost. Search Engines are some of the most used tools with Google being one of them.

The biggest issue faced by the professionals is that users leave their important data on internet without any privacy which, at the end of the day gets leaked which is not what they actually want.

The data that is open to everyone, particularly if it is someone’s personal data, attracts the hackers because of which a greater chance of any suspicious activity arises. So, to avoid any such attack, it is better to have a check and balance of your account in order to stay away from any such issue. To cope with those issues, a few tools are given below:

  • Metadata Search
  • Code Search
  • Phone Number Search
  • Identity Investigation
  • Image Analysis
  • Wireless Network Detection

With the use of these tools, you can ensure the safety of your data to a large extent.


Open Source Threat Intelligence is mainly helpful for you to detect the malware before time and get rid of it with the help of a few free to use tools. All you need to do is to understand how to use the platform and rest of the job will be done by it.

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